Fight Clean Energy Smears

Fight Clean Energy Smears

Smear of the Week

Congressional "Junk Shots" Won't Work. Just like those BP engineers trying everything in failed attempts to plug up the oil gusher in the Gulf of Mexico, Congressional opponents of action on clean energy and climate are trying one "junk shot" after ano ... Read more

Climate Science

climate science/new front group linked to attack on epa. As the Senate prepares to debate new comprehensive climate and energy legislation, the British ... Get the facts

Clean Energy Jobs

job/energy scare debunked.. A new "report" from U.S. Senators Kit Bond and Kay Bailey Hutchinson reads like talking points from Big Oil. What are th ... Get the facts

National Security

national security/big oil's murky campaign. Sen. Murkowski and her Big Oil supporters on the Hill are up to their old tricks again, claiming EPA's e ... Get the facts


the economy/energy tax claims debunked. Following President Obama’s speech to the nation about the oil pollution disaster in the Gulf, several specia ... Get the facts

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